Monday, 30 March 2009


Here we go with the more detailed colour. I have added Prismacolour Light Cerulean blue to the headress and Burnt Ochre to the headress face and lighter areas of the coat. Some way to go yet
but we are starting to get a feeling of depth. The largest amount of work left to do involves accentuating the shadows. It is amazing exactly how great the contrast is in this picture.


rharris said...

Hi Rachel,

Very interesting to see someone else looking to the 'old masters' for inspiration. I've been doing the same over the last year and found it very interesting and rewarding. I've just been experimenting with CP on black paper with mixed results - will certainly explore further. If you are interested I could forward a recently completed experiment where I tried to reproduce Sassoferrato's The Virgin in Prayer, a picture I thought would teach me lots abot using black paper (and it did).

Regards, Roger

Rachel_Stirling said...

Thank you that would be very interesting.