Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Refined Lady

More Peach and umber have been added to the face here. I also took the opportunity to refine my edges with Cool grey( not as harsh as the black ). I have worked on the shadows a little on the uppermost third of the face and have added more cool grey to the head dress and the shadows beneath it. I have started to colour the eyes. This is just a basic fill in because I want to judge the tones of the face as a whole in order to tell how dark the shadows need to be.
So...tightened edges, eyes and some umber in the face....
Onwards and upwards


Karen said...

She is looking very good now. How much more is there to do?

Rachel_Stirling said...

A fair way to go yet Karen. You'd be amazed. Hopefully I'll get finished before you all get bored.
When I add the next round of shadows you should get a fair idea of where we are going next.

Hope you enjoy.