Saturday, 8 November 2008

Got The Blues ?

Here we have the start of the second Dead Layer. The Terra cotta pencil has been covered with
a fine cross hatch of indigo blue. Don't be distracted by the texture of the background eventually this will be black and completely smooth because I am going to use mineral spirits and a brush to complete the effect I am after.

Why cover the Terra Cotta completely ?

Well the reference has an almost photographic black background. If I had simply used a black pencil...the result would have had a tinge of grey to it and no colour depth at all. By layering the pencils I am going to give a jewel like depth to the background that will set off the detail of the portrait.

The observant among you will have noticed that I haven't added many further shadows to the cloak or face. This is because the shadows on the figure are a very subtle green ( not an official D Layer colour ) and many of the highlights on both the face and clothing are orange.
This will be my next step.

I have started to deepen the shadows on the head dress with Slate blue.

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