Saturday, 29 November 2008

In the Pink

Well here we are again! I've started to warm her up a little with Deco pink and Peach. You will notice that I have added the same colours to the face,head dress and cloak. I have also continued them into the shadows in the good old Flemish tradition. She is starting to come together. I will have to go back into the face with a warm orange because I have underestimated the depth of that colour in the original.
One point to note, I have found that an umber under drawing can be very granular. You can cover it eventually but it does take a considerable leap of faith to believe that the pencils will do so. At the moment the face seems a little dark but that is only in relation to the head dress that I haven't yet finished. When the picture is complete the face will be attracting all of the attention because of its comparable lightness.
Still a long way to go but progressing nicely.

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