Tuesday, 4 November 2008

And So It Begins

Welcome to my new venture.
I am a working artist with an interest in the drawing and painting techniques of Past Masters.
With this blog I hope to explore some of the dark and dusty crevices of Art history and pull their
experience and knowledge kicking and screaming into the light of day.

I want to understand how I can use this information to produce my own art. How techniques that have been passed on for generations can be used and adapted to produce the best results in this one.

Do I need to stick to the rules ...?

Some of them yes...some of them no.

I hope you will enjoy this journey of exploration. We will see some old art, some new art and some art that I will probably hide behind the wardrobe because the more you paint and draw
the better you get at producing the good and the clunkingly bad.

Our first stop will be Johannes Vermeer.
How did he produce his light saturated paintings...?
More to the point.....Can I do it...?


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Well done Rachel - I'm looking forward to seeing the drawings

You need to use the heading to get a title for a post otherwise it comes up as untitled.

You might find Blogging for Artists useful in terms of useful things to know/do when starting out with a blog

Karen said...

This will be fascinating Rachel, I'm looking forward to the pictures and will add your blog to the list of blogs that I follow.