Friday, 7 November 2008

Pale and Interesting

Here we have the first stage of the Dead layer. I have decided to break this layer into two distinct stages partly because I am

feeling my way with the appropriate colours and partly because I am going to build up the background in three clear layers and this provides a natural break.

So..what have we added to this picture. If you remember the Penumbra colours ( white,black,red,blue) you will see that we have moved some way towards completion of the dead layer.

To the background I have added Terra cotta. I chose this rather than prismacolour crimson because I judged the pencil to be too bright.The prismacolour ochre pencils were a little too yellow for my purpose.
To the head and shadow areas I have added slate blue and periwinkle blue and to the collar,eyes and pearl I have added white.

It may seem a little strange to be adding white pencil to white paper. I could leave the highlights blank and they would perform just as well however I am using a lot of heavier colours and there will be pencil dust. This naturally will stain any areas of paper that it comes into contact with.

The white pencil will create a barrier between paper and dust and will make it much easier for me to remove any staining that occurs further down the line.

Any erasing that occurs is done with white tac...which is cheaper and more effective than putty rubber. Always remembering to press and lift rather than smooth.

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